The Kinderhook investment philosophy is predicated on matching unique investment opportunities with high quality management—our "Search for Value". We focus on identifying proprietary opportunities, where our experience and abilities will allow us to add value. We specialize in acquiring non-core divisions of public companies, existing small capitalization companies lacking institutional support, management buyouts of entrepreneurial-owned businesses and troubled situations. Once we have identified an attractive opportunity, our small size and flat operating structure enables us to rapidly evaluate and close a transaction while minimizing disclosure.

Our "Search for Value" is dependent upon our ability to match quality managers with these proprietary opportunities. Our structured incentive compensation packages enable Kinderhook to properly align the interest of the "Investor/Manager relationship" and attract management teams who possess superior talent in the markets in which they compete. These management partners are usually engaged in evaluating the business we are partnering with them to acquire, allowing us to leverage their proprietary knowledge. Our due diligence process focuses on the evaluation of management’s skills, personalities and partnership potential.

Kinderhook believes that strong management teams are vital in leading and growing outstanding companies. To that end, Kinderhook works as a partner with management and is dedicated to using our experience and resources to help build successful companies. Through our approach, we partner with managers, aligning our financial interests and focusing on growth and success.